So @brewsbabesbanny has decided to enter the blog world. I figure I drink way too much beer to keep my opinions to myself, but I wanted to pay homage to the beginning of brewsbabes banny. I started in the Instagram game about 9 months ago. And to be honest, it sort of started as a joke between my friends and I. 20170225_214737

At the time, we were basically living at the breweries. Brewers row is pretty much at my doorstep, so it was not unusual to find this group of girls and an adorable French bulldog puppy named Gus, hanging out at Yellow Dog, Twin Sails, Parkside or Moody most days of the week. If I wasn’t at the breweries, I was hiking or finding a place in the river to hang out for the day, always with a backpack full of good beers. So, I somehow ended up filling up the storage on my Samsung s7 with photos of the girls, the Gus and the beer. Lets just say the hashtags #brewsbabesbanny #brewsbabesbulldogsbanny #brewsbabesboobsbanny, were being used frequently at the time.


Sometime in January, we were throwing back a few at Parkside brewery and we decided that I had enough photos for 3 years worth of Instagram posts. How hard could starting a beer Instagram be? Little did I know that those photos would last me approximately 2 months and in order to keep the beer current, I was gonna have to be on top of the beer drinking. Luckily, beer drinking is one of my favourite things to do and 220 instagram posts in and over 6000 followers, i’m feeling pretty proud of the amount of beer drinking I have accomplished. This past 9 months has been awesome and so much fun. I’ve met so many cool people in the beer world and learned TONNES  about beer and now I cant wait to start writing about it!



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  1. Congratulations on the website, Banny! It looks beautiful and reads beautifully. It’s also tres cool to get the brewsbabesbanny origin story. See ya on the bloggin’ circuit, girl!

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