Re-purposing your growing pile of growlers


If you’re anything like me, you find it necessary to have a growler from your favourite breweries. Either that, or you find yourself at a brewery without a growler and desperately needing to take home some of that milkshake IPA that you’re drinking. So, what ends up happening is you have 20 or so growlers piling up on the floors of your kitchen and an unhappy significant other yelling at you to please stop buying new ones. Enter Banny. Here are some “do it yourself” growler re-purposing projects and decorating ideas for those growlers that you just can’t let go of.

Growler Lamp


Okay, so this was the hardest one to make, but also looks super cool and makes a sweet gift for the beer lover in your life.

What you need: Glue Gun, Growler, Make your own lamp kit from home improvement store (found in the lighting section), glass drill bit, lamp shade.

I started with washing and drying the growler because nobody wants a moldy lamp. Use the glass drillbit to drill a hole in the back of your growler (this is for the electrical cord) . Assemble to do it yourself lamp kit ( there are instructions and that part is pretty straight forward. Use glue to secure the lamp to the growler and voila, you have yourself a cool growler lamp.







This one was super easy .Just buy some fake flowers or pick some real ones and put them in a growler. On a side note, this also makes a cool background for all of your sweet beer photos.

Photo wall/ mantle art


And worst case scenario, you can always use them to water your plants


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