How to Turn Your Family Disneyland Trip Into a Beercation

I do not claim to be an expert on beer. I love beer and I have tasted a lot, but do not claim to know all that there is to know on the subject. I am however, a self proclaimed expert on Disneyland. So I have found the best way to mix my two greatest loves, craft beer and Disneyland. Here are my best tips and tricks for how to make the most of your vacation.

1. Hit up Monkish brewing

Monkish brewing are known for their incredible juice bombs and quickly sold out can releases! This brewery also happens to be 15 minutes away from Los Angeles international airport. Usually I get a cheap rental car from the airport and drive there on my way to Anaheim. Going to Monkish is usually the highlight of my trip. Go try some of their amazing brews on tap or plan your trip around a can release. Those lineups can get long, but I’m sure just being there for the experience is worth the waits. Plus its just getting you warmed up for those long Disney lines and at least you get a delicious brew at the end.

Side note: Around the corner is Smog City brewery if you are looking for some more great brews.

Lineup at Monkish for new glassware release
Smog City Brewery

2. Try some craft beer and grab the best Disney beer photo at California adventure.

California adventure and Disneyland are right next to each other. Both offer great rides and a totally different vibe from one another. Disneyland does not offer any alcoholic beverages , but California adventure does! I usually hit up the Karl Strauss brew truck in the pacific wharf area to get the perfect beer photo and taste some of their delicious beers. There are other areas of the park that have beer available, but this is always my go to.

Side note: Recently, it was released that Ballast point will be opening a brew pub in the Downtown Disney area (shopping district between the 2 parks). Can’t wait to be able to try some of the sculpins on Tap as Pineapple sculpin or Grapefruit sculpin are always my go to hotel room beers when in Cali.

3.The Anaheim beer crawl

Disneyland can be exhausting if you tackle it hard like I do. I mean you’ll be racking up the steps and will be in need of a refreshing beverage by noon. My tip is to get to the park early to enjoy the shorter lines and cooler temperatures and leave the park around 1pm for a break. I usually leave the park from 1 to 5 as it seems to be the busiest time. Anaheim has some of the best breweries within a 10 minute drive. Grab an Uber during your break and head to Bottle Logic, Green Cheek and Noble Ale Works. There are many other breweries in that area if you want to make a night of it, but these three are my absolute musts.

4. Set up some trades

Can releases in California can be huge events with long lineups and cans that sell out in hours. It is next to impossible for people travelling to time it right and get there on a release day, so ask some locals for trades! People are usually open to trading some of their hard to get cans for other cool beers that they have never tried. I always bring beer when I go on these trips. Grab a couple 4 packs of your best local cans and bring them with you. I use Instagram to ask people if they want to trade and will usually meet up with people at breweries.

California is a craft beer lovers paradise so have fun on your trip! I’m sure there are many other amazing breweries close by that I haven’t explored yet and I haven’t even touched on the downtown L.A craft beer locations.


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